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How can a gaming startup match the electric excitement of its industry while staying true to its core values?

Brands of Earth has created a striking and energetic new brand identity for Godfire, an emerging eSports and gaming brand. Through this project, our team has consolidated the company’s scattered brand elements under one cohesive framework and created a visual identity that appeals to the gaming communtity around the world.

Godfire: the Name and the Brand

We developed the brand name, ‘Godfire’, and the brand identity after the Olympian god of fire, Hephaestus. The identity also borrows heavily from other elements of Greek mythology, an evergreen theme in the world of gaming. According to myth, Hephaestus was cast out from Mount Olympus, the abode of the gods for his perceived imperfections as an infant. Despite this gross injustice, he persevered patiently, learned and honed his craft as a smith, and rose above adversity to emerge as one of the most revered gods in the Greek Pantheon—a true champion for underdogs everywhere. His story inspires tenacity and ignites the passion for greatness in every gamer’s heart.

While many Greek gods are known for their antagonism towards humans, Hephaestus, the “imperfect” embraced humans and humanity. This aspect of Hephaestus’ character is the cornerstone of the brand’s existence. By embracing humanity through inclusivity and justice, Godfire provides a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone—a playing field leveled through the love of gaming, and a forge for long-lasting human bonds.

The Visual Identity

The logomark is a composite of Hephaestus’ axe-head and the letter G. The carefully engineered wordmark works well in multiple lockups with the logomark, or on its own to accommodate every possible logo use case. The memorable fluorescent green palette provides high visibility for the brand in all media, reflects the intensity of gaming, and communicates the modern and playful nature of the brand.

The visual identity design is a fusion of eras. The canvas we’ve painted marries the elegance and grit of ancient myth with the vibrant dynamism of the present age. The juxtaposition of the past and the present is found throughout the brand identity design as we pair vivid poetic imagery of the ancient world with a clean and modern palette. The developed model serves as a tribute to the valorous sagas of yore cherished in video games while simultaneously embracing the inclusive values and the prevailing spirit of contemporary gaming.

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